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Easybreath snorkelling mask

Decathlon Easybreath

We are so impressed with these masks, they make snorkelling so much easier. 

We first tried these face masks a couple of years ago after seeing someone use them in Egypt, as luck would have it our tour operator had two masks of their own which they kindly lent us to try them out.  We spent a bit of time in the hotel pool getting used to them, as they are quite different from your normal snorkels but we quickly found they were much more comfortable than having to have both goggles and a snorkel.  For starters holding a snorkel in your mouth for long periods can become quite uncomfortable and when you remove the snorkel it can sometimes lead to a sore mouth, secondly it's so much easier to breathe with these masks as you can breathe through both your mouth and your nose.   Our experience is that the masks don't mist up like traditional goggles so you don't have to keep stopping to clean them.  They sit comfortably around your face (no more frontal face goggle lines) and you simply secure them by pulling the straps at the side of the mask to tighten the straps that are behind your head.  The silicone sits securely around your face forming a good seal and stopping water from entering the mask. The snorkel part of the mask, although shorter than a conventional snorkel stays out of the water as you tilt you head to look down and around.  Because the mask covers your whole face, you can actually see more around you as the visual field is wider. When you get out of the water there is a drain at the bottom of the mask so if you have dipped under the water you can clear any excess water by raising your head allowing the water to flow out of the drain.  

Given that in the past I wasn't able to snorkel for long, due to the uncomfortable, mouth snorkel and not really feeling that I could breathe properly, these masks have made snorkelling so much easier for me.  I've seen a lot of people give up quickly due to similar problems.  Also not having to stop to keep emptying my goggles and snorkel is a big plus, I can now simply float around until I've had enough as there is less chance of leakage if you have secured the face mask correctly.  

After use, you simply rinse your mask and lay it out to dry ensuring it is not in direct sunlight.  The snorkel part of the mask can then be detached from the main body and both parts can be stored in the bag provided.   

The masks are suitable for children over 10 years of age and adults and come in two sizes S/M for children and women and M/L for men.  

Our only negative we can comment on is we found it is not possible to dive deep with these masks due to the pressure, but for surface snorkelling and dipping slightly under the water they are perfect. Be aware recommendations are that they are for surface snorkelling only.  Best not to risk getting any pain from water pressure and stick to conventional snorkels if you want to free dive.

As with any mask, you have to be careful that you don't scratch the window and store safely after use so they don't get dropped.  

We bought our Triboard Easybreath masks from Decathlon, they are now called Subea Easybreath masks. The come in a variety of colours and you can buy spare parts from Decathlon without having to go to the expense of purchasing a new mask.   There are of course a multitude of companies offering similar style face masks, many of these products are inferior and wont give you the same level of quality that the patented Decathlon masks do.  So whilst there are alternative brands available, make sure that you check that they are patented and have the same safety regulations before you buy.  Another way of checking is to read customer reviews to get an idea of their durability.  

Decathlon offer a full range of sporting equipment. Click the links for more details.

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