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Jungle Aqua Park, Hurghada

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Upon arrival at Hurghada Airport you must complete a Visa card.  There are smoking areas within the luggage collection halls, the first time I've seen this at an airport.  There is also a duty free shop which you can look in whilst waiting for your luggage to arrive.  It is worth bearing in mind that to buy duty free alcohol and cigarettes this must be done within 48 hours of your arrival and you will need your passport to do so.  The airport is military run, very clean with efficient staff.  Transfers are from the front of the airport and easy to find.  You will find travel reps waiting by the main doors who will check you details and provide you with your bus number.

Transfer to resort took 15-20 mins by coach.

Upon arrival at Jungle Aqua Park, we were directed to a rather resplendent reception where there were no queues and we were quickly given a form to complete with our details. Staff were on hand, waiting to transfer our cases and we requested a room in a quieter area of the resort.  We were given room cards/towel cards and was then taken to our room where we were asked if it was acceptable.  Having had a good look around, we were satisfied with the room and decided to stay in the location given, however if you have children or mobility problems it may be wise to ask for a room that is nearer the main pool as these rooms do not have steps to get to them.  There are bungalows that are much closer to the main pool and restaurant area.  Each block of apartments has its own pool and there are plenty of sunbeds available, we had no issues finding somewhere to sit and all the pools were a good size.  Please take plenty of sun cream and after sun lotion, it may not feel hot if there is a breeze but the sun is very strong and it's easy to get burnt without noticing it.  If you have young children I'd recommend a sun hat.  The ground area the pool areas can get very hot so flip flops or pool shoes are a must.  If you are going on the water rides, the sand shoes which you can buy quite cheaply are ideal as you can wear them on the slides without them falling off.

Rooms were spacious, ours had a queen size bed and a single bed, there is a bathroom with shower and toilet separated by walls.  Each room has a safe which is free of charge, just check the batteries are working.  There is tea/coffee making facilities, a fridge, dressing table and TV in the bedroom. You can ask for milk at any of the restaurants or bars and they will give you a carton to take to your room.  As we were on the first floor we had a private balcony with a table and two chairs.  The only negative comment I have on the rooms is that there is no clothes airer and that meant you had to hang any wet towels or clothes over the railing or on the chairs to dry.  Our room was very clean and the cleaners came in daily to keep it clean.  We had no maintenance issues during our stay.  We were supplied bottled water on a daily basis and asked if we would like cola, lemonade or beers every day.  Keep the bottled water cool in the fridge and use any left overs or opened bottles to clean your teeth.  Do not use tap water to clean your teeth as it is not recommended.  There are plenty of bungalows available which are slightly bigger than the room we stayed in as I think they are meant for families, they look very nice however we didn't go in one to take a look at them.  Our apartment (first floor) had an adjoining door to the apartment next door which is locked unless you request it is left open.  On resort there is a choice of main restaurants with little outside areas where you will find BBQ or Pizza.  There is an  Ice cream parlour where you can get little tubs of ice cream, coffee shops which have cake stands.  Even for fussy eaters there is always something to eat.  You do have to have a good look around the restaurants as you wont find the chips with the main courses they are usually on a aisle a bit further down the restaurant.  The same with breakfast, you have the main serving areas and then you will find another area with omelette or scrambled eggs.  There is always a good choice of salads, breads and desserts  (making me hungry just talking about all the foods).  You can see the restaurant areas at the end of the pool in the picture below. The main pool is huge and interlinked, it runs opposite the restaurant area, there are shallow parts for children and a separate children's pool near to the games area which has pool tables, ping pong table and other games.  Again there are plenty of sunbeds available around the pool area however it was not busy when we visited and I guess due to the close proximity of the bars and drinks areas this may be busier in high season. The only bad point I can think of about the main pool area is that it is dimly lit at night, be careful when crossing over the bridges to ensure you don't end up having a late night dip.  The amphitheatre is at the games end of the strip and there is entertainment here by the animations team in the evenings.  At the opposite end of the strip, near to reception there is more entertainment for children early evening, with films, music programmes and sports later on for the adults.  There was a karaoke night taking place when we arrived and the animations team also dress up in cartoon costumes which was popular with the young children.  Just across the road at the back of the restaurant area there are steps leading up to the sister hotel where you will find a putting green, good fun if the children are bored, no fee and the man who staffs the green is really lovely to talk to.  Of course there is a large waterpark with many water slides, which you can view on many travel websites.  The hotel grounds have lots of grass areas opposite the pools and you'll spot jungle animal statues around the resort.  you will see grounds maintenance taking place daily and the pools are cleaned 2 -3 times a day to ensure there is no leaves in them.   Took me a while to find the giraffe but here it is! Wifi, is hit and miss, some days it worked fine and others it was really slow.  You can buy wifi packages locally so if you really need to keep online it would be wise to buy a package. You will get pestered by the spa sellers and staff selling trips.  Just be polite and say no and they'll leave you alone.  We decided to book excursions from our tour provider (who you will find in reception) and I have detailed our trips on a separate blog.  You can also book taxis through reception and there is a price list displayed so you can check the cost.  It's well worth a taxi to the marina for an evening out. Beach - The hotel is not on the beach, however there is a free bus that runs daily every half an hour from the hotel to the beach, ten minute ride last return is 5.30pm.  There is a beach bar so you are able to get cold drinks, water and snacks and there are plenty of tables to sit at.  The beach itself has lots of loungers and we found it was very quiet during our stay.  The sand is quite coarse and I'd recommend sand shoes.  I didn't see any life guards on the beach, that's not to say there isn't any but I wasn't aware of any whilst we visited. There is a camel and horse at the beach, if you fancy a ride, not sure of the cost for this. Unfortunately there is not a lot to do around the hotel area, there are some small shops and you can walk through the sister hotel which has a little shopping alley.  Other than that it is a tax ride if you fancy an evening out.  There is a big shopping mall (Senzo) 10 minutes from the hotel and you can either walk or catch the 'fun bus' which is a small open sided bus that plays music whilst it takes you to the mall. The bus driver is a really nice person and will have you laughing and singing straight away.  You can catch this bus at the front of the hotel by the gorilla statue, the bus runs every 15minutes.  If you prefer bazaar style shops you can get off the bus by the sister hotel and there is a small street with cheap handbags, cigarettes, ornaments etc.,  The land area around the hotel is quite barren and the pathways are very uneven (if there is a path at all), the lighting isn't brilliant and be aware if you walk in the roads that some cars travel with no lights on. Tips:  Exchange monies at the cashpoint in reception.  The exchange rate is better when you are in Egypt rather than at home. You need to put the amount you want in Egyptian pounds not British and always get a receipt. Tip you room cleaners and they will bring you extra drinks etc.,  We tipped in Egyptian LE or GBP approx £1-2 each time.  You'll find some nice towel art is left for you when you leave a tip :) Be aware that there are some unscrupulous people who will ask for tips both on resort and outside when they haven't even done anything for you.  Do not feel you have to tip unless you have received a good service.  We did get asked for money however we weren't pestered in any way. Quite often the staff will ask you if they can exchange pound coins for notes as they are unable to bank notes, if you do this just make sure it is pound coins they are giving you as they sometimes mix GBP and euros up. If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

More photos can be found here : https://jungleaquaparkreview.blogspot.com/2018/01/flight-from-birmingham-to-hurghada.html

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