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Mahmya Island, Hurghada

Updated: May 24, 2018

More photos available here: https://mahmyaisland.blogspot.com/2016/06/mahmya-island-boat-trip-little-piece-of.html

Mahmya Island Boat Trip - 'A little piece of paradise'

We booked this Bright Sky trip through the Thomas Cook rep at our hotel, pick up time was 08.35a.m. nice early start for you, but there was time to have breakfast before you left the hotel. The transfer by minibus to the boat was approx 20 minutes and upon arrival we were taken to a seated area where we waited for another minibus to arrive. There are toilets at this facility and a shaded seating area where you sit. We boarded the boat by about half nine and would describe it as a fair size, with upper level and indoor lounge area if you wanted to be in the shade (which most of us didn't) it wasn't overcrowded and there was plenty of places for you to sit or walk around if you wanted to. A guide stayed with you throughout the trip and was multi lingual so there were no translation issues. I think we were the only English couple on the boat however there were other nationalities who spoke some English so we didn't feel totally alienated by the language barrier. The boat ride to the island didn't take long (under an hour) and when we got nearer to the island there was a smaller boat (felucca) that transferred us onto the island, this is due to the rocks/coral reefs and our boat being too deep to get any further inland. This only took a couple minutes and we got off on a jetty to walk to the lounging areas. Again the guide was with us at all times answering any questions and pointing out where the refreshments and toilets were situated on the island. We were taken to the equipment store where we were provided with snorkels and goggles (no charge) to use whilst on the island. Life jackets are also available. You need to sign these items out and be warned there is a charge if they are returned damaged. The lounging areas are shaded with mats to lie on, you can pull them out into the sunshine if you like however it was a hot day and quite nice to be in the shade at times. Everyone on the boat was provided with an itinerary so that you were aware of the plans for the day. Following a short period of sitting relaxing on the beach and having a swim we had the option of going on a boat ride out to sea for a spot of snorkelling off a coral reef, not everybody took up the offer of the snorkelling but it's up to you if you fancy a try or even just another boat trip. You were given 45 minutes in the water for snorkelling and then called back to the boat, for those who didn't want to snorkel the boat staff offered a spin in the dinghy, I'm not sure if this is offered on all trips or if they just decided to offer it on the day. I didn't personally snorkel however my partner did and he spotted lots of different fish whilst out there. A short boat trip back (about 20 mins) we returned to this island to drop off our belongings and make our way to the restaurant for lunch (14.30hrs). The buffet unch consisted of hot and cold foods, pasta, meats, etc., you were also provided with soft drinks and there is a bar where you can buy other drinks as well. Happy Hour is 14.30 - 15.30 if you fancy something alcoholic. Following lunch you have time to sunbathe, walk around the beach area, have a drink etc., The departure from the island was at 17.20, some of the trips leave earlier but we had booked the sunset trip hence the later departure time.


I recommend you take towels with you as these are not provided. Take sand shoes. Take drinks i.e. bottled water. If you want extra food take some snacks. The only money you need will be for tipping if you choose to do so.

When we got to the island there were little jelly fish in the sea and on the beach (see photo) don't worry they are harmless, our guide picked one up and passed it around so you could see they don't sting you or cause a rash.

There are plenty of staff available on the island and they are very happy to talk to you about the island or anything else you want to talk about. This was a lovely trip and well worth the money, I'd definitely do it again.

For trips to Paradise Island and Orange Bay which are much more competitively priced and the same Island, please contact us via our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHolidaybug

Prices start from £20 per person.

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