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Oasis Safari Excursion

Updated: Jul 11, 2018


One of three excursions we booked during our stay. The safari was an afternoon excursion into the desert which was about half an hour drive from our hotel. Transfer was by mini bus from reception and its worth noting that the pick up time was from the front of the hotel and the minibus driver came to the reception doors to greet you. Remember to have your receipt with you as this is checked against the number of people in your party as well as proof of booking. We sat and had a drink in reception whilst we waited to be picked up and the bus was pretty much on time.

Upon arrival you are taken to a seating area where you are separated into groups depending on your nationality. Instructions for the excursion are given and you are able to buy headscarves which must be worn. We had taken our own headscarves and these can be bought cheaply in markets and shops. We were also offered goggles which were £ each to hire and were glad we did as it was quite windy on the day we took the trip and there had been a sandstorm which meant it was very dusty throughout our ride.

The first part of the trip was a jeep ride to the Bedouin village. Be warned this is an extremely bumpy ride and keeping on your seat is a feat in itself. The jeep drivers like to amuse themselves by racing each other, often swerving off the track to avoid all the dust that is thrown up.

When you arrive at the Bedouin Village you are taken to a hut where the guide explains about the Bedouin culture, in fairness the guide was very knowledgeable and it was interesting to listen to the information. Following this you can enjoy a camel ride. It only last a few minutes but if you have never ridden a camel before it's an opportunity to try it.

In the Bedouin tent, you can purchase herbal remedies, ointments, creams and little gifts. It's up to you if you want to buy anything, there are some interesting items here. In another hut you are shown how bread is made and can even have a taste. You will be asked if you want to leave a tip so again take some small change if you want to do so.

I think it's important to remember that you are visiting the Bedouins home area and to be respectful whilst you are there, we observed some tourists making fun of the Bedouin lifestyle which we felt was a little mean.

Another bumpy jeep ride back to base and this is where our plans got changed slightly due to the sandstorm.

Usually this part of the excursion is dedicated to the quads and jeep however due to the amount of sand swirling around we were sent over to the horse and donkey rides. I gave the donkey a miss as he was so little but there were children who enjoyed the ride. I did however take the horse ride, again you are only on there for a short time but if you like riding it's an opportunity to get in the saddle for a little walk about. As a relatively experienced rider I was not led by the guide however for those who are inexperienced or for children the guide will lead the horse for safety.

Next up was the jeeps, first time in a jeep and we really enjoyed this, they were faster than the quads and a lot more comfortable to drive. We took turns to drive with one of us driving out and then swapping for the other to drive back again.

We stopped for a break and had a little fun taking pictures. The photo below was taken on our own camera by one of the guides. All the guides were really friendly and helpful, if you have any questions they are more than willing to answer them.

Back to base and as the sandstorm had died down we were able to go out on the quads.

The length of this ride was longer than on the jeeps and you go over some rather bumpy tracks as well as up and down hills. Prior to going out on the quads you are assessed for you driving abilities, you will not be allowed to go out on the quads if you cannot demonstrate you are able to control them. Also its worth noting that they only allowed one person per quad so no sharing I'm afraid! I'm not sure if this is the same for all excursion providers so if you want to share it's best to ask before booking.

Tip no1. Take some money with you, you wont need much but you have the opportunity to make purchases during the trip.

Tip No2 Watch your guide, especially when going up and down the hills, there is potential for you to come off the quads if you speed over them which is why you the guides are with you at all times.

Tip No3 the goggles were a necessity on our trip due to the sandstorm, I'm really glad we hired them.

Tip No4 Wear clothes that you don't mind having to wash on your return, you will need a good shower when you get back to your hotel and your clothes will need a good wash to get rid of all the dust. White is probably not a good colour to wear on this trip, unless of course you don't mind it becoming discoloured!

Following the jeep ride it was back to the main seating area for a buffet dinner and show. There was cold drinks and plenty of food available for you to enjoy. The show consisted of belly dancers, folk dancers, I think it was called a tanurra dance and a brave man laying on a bed of nails and broken glass. You will be encouraged by the dancers to join in during the show so if you feel like showing off your belly dancing skills or maybe a bit of folk dancing, then this is your chance to shine :) You'll also find stalls selling sand ornaments stall with a demonstration, these personalised gifts are made for yu and you can have name added. Prices vary depending on size.

All in all we found this to be a really enjoyable afternoon out in the desert and we would recommend this excursions for adults and children.

Cost Adult £25 Child £15

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