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What is the FCO?

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is a government department, which promotes the United Kingdom's interests overseas, supporting citizens and businesses around the globe. The FCO is a ministerial department, supported by 10 agencies and public bodies.

  • Why is it important?

The FCO has individual country pages on its website, which are regularly updated with all the latest information and warnings about potential risks, such as political unrest, natural disasters and terror attacks.

  • What happens if the FCO advise against travel?

If the FCO advises against “all but essential travel” to a country, it invalidates travellers’ insurance, and visiting there is at your own risk.

  • What is a Travel Corridor?

The FCO have provided a comprehensive list of countries that is has deemed as 'safe'. Visiting one of the countries in the travel corridor list means you do not have to 'self isolate' upon return to the UK. However this is subject to change.

Additionally, each country is listed separately and will provide you with information about the 'entry requirements' for the specific country. For some countries you are required to provide a 'PCR' test result which indicate a negative result.

  • What information is provided?

For each country listed you will find the following subsections:

  1. Summary

  2. Coronavirus

  3. Safety and security

  4. Terrorism

  5. Local laws and customs

  6. Entry requirements

  7. Health

  8. Natural disasters

  9. Money

  10. Travel advice help and support

More information on the UK 'Travel Corridors' can be found here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors

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